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Project Stakeholders

Management Roles and Responsibilities


Ministry of Labor and Vocational Training

» Oversee overall project implementation


Directorate General of Technical and
Vocational Education and Training

» Coordinate relations with the National Employment Agency.
» Undertake on a best effort basis to develop and approves  
   a National TVET Qualifications Framework.
» Ensure the provision of reasonable office accommodations, 
   properly equipped for the consultant.
» Ensure that the NTB is informed as required of project goals 
   and achievements.
» Provide a coordinating role in reducing overlap and
   supporting convergence between the project and other 
   initiatives taken by the Ministry with donors and new
» Advise the consultant on Government policy changes
   including new national planning documents.


Project Coordination Unit

» Support project implementation and, specifically, ensure
   compliance with all ADB-MEF procedures and time lines in 
   civil works, procurement and financial control.
» Provide support to the project in logistics, workshop
   facilitations and implementation processes with DGTVET
» Supervise the development of annual work plans by the
   consultant and monitor project progress based on approved
   work plans.
» Ensure the baseline, midterm and final impact surveys are
   comprehensive and carried out on time
» Supervise the completion of Quarterly Progress Reports
   (QPR) and submit these in a timely fashion to ADB.
» Resolve or contribute to the resolution any issues arising
   from project implementation among the stakeholders.



» Supervise project implementation and ensure compliance 
   with the Grant Agreement and PAM
» Ensure Project achieves the expected outputs and outcome
» Ensure compliance with good governance, social safeguards
   and anti-corruption measures


Provincial Training Centers

» Ensure that every effort is made by institutional staff to
   support the implementation of the project.
» Comply with the planning, financial and reporting
   requirement of the VSTP.
» Ensure that staff and data support is given to the VETMIS
» Provide data as requested in a timely fashion.


Training Institutions

» Complete an annual work plan for the Institution.
» Participate fully in the planning of the new facilities and
» Ensure staff fully support the implementation of skills
   standards and new curricula in the 3 target technologies.
» Identify staff for workshop participation who will be directly 
   involved in implementation and support the implementation
   of required curriculum, management processes


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