Impact and Outcome

The project is a Pilot to (1) identify the most effective means of training commune members in post harvest technology and food processing, and (2) identify the most effective training mechanism to give out-of-school youth the skills in mathematics, Science and Khmer required to be successful in Government Skills Certificate programs (NVQF level 1) which require grade 9 or equivalent for entry or (3) entry to the formal economy labour force.

The Project will help to reduce poverty among the rural poor in Cambodia by improving the post-harvest skills of agricultural producers and enhancing the knowledge and technical skills of youth to meet the demands of industry. The immediate objectives are to (i) increase the value added to agricultural produce through post-harvest (PH) skills development and training, and (ii) meet the needs of diversified enterprises through a technical vocational education and training (TVET) skills bridging program for youth. The Project will create new earning and income opportunities for poor agricultural producers in pilot communes both on and off-farm seasons, and create business opportunities and access to training and employment for out-of-school youth through improvements in their knowledge and skills that respond to the increasing demands of the labor market.

Outputs Component A : PHT and Food Processing

This component aims to: (i) determine appropriate food storage, processing, and packaging technologies; (ii) develop a demand-based curriculum, learning materials, and design training modules in each selected post-harvest technology (PHT); (iii) construct and/or upgrade buildings in the target TTCs, and equip them with the required equipment for the basic PHT skills development program; and (iv) provide training to eight PHT trainers (two from each TTC) to deliver PHT training to 44 PHT commune assistants (one from each participating commune) to further train and provide continuing support to a target group of 3,000 agricultural producers in 44 target communes, and bring product samples to TTC-based labs for food safety testing.

The PHT skills development grant will be provided to TTCs (at a maximum of $180,000/TTC for a 3-year period) for the PHT skills development program. They will receive a mobilization grant of 20% of the contract amount and progress payments based on approved budgets, work program and performance. There will be a 10% holdback to be paid on submission of a satisfactory progress report and assurance of deliverables and outputs.

The grant will be used for (i) training of PHT and community development specialist (CDS) trainers; (ii) training of 3,000 agricultural producers to apply PHT techniques, including advanced food safety and hygiene requirements, and marketing; (iii) promotional activity on local products, including trade fairs; and (iv) follow-up support to trained agriculture producers.

Outputs Component B : Skills Bridging

This component aims to help the Government of Cambodia and MoLVT introduce a TVET training model to address the issue of out-of-school youth and the unemployed who have never enrolled in secondary education or have at least than grade 7 education, and cannot re-enter school or progress with formal education for economic and/or academic reasons.


      -Entry-level academic skills developed for TVET certificate course.

      -Curriculum and learning materials in mathematics, science and Khmer developed or upgraded to move registrants, who may study on a part-time basis,from basic literacy to the entry-level standards for certificate level.

      -Standards assessment instruments for trainee achievement designed and field tested.

      -Employability skills curriculum and learning materials developed or upgraded with full input and acceptance by employers.

      -Graduation of around 700 youth from the TVET skills bridging courses (50% of whom will be recruited by employers, with the remaining 50% enrolled in TVET institutions for further skills training

    Design and Monitoring Framework (revised, November 2011)

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